NJ Locations

WELCOME to GYHC - home of authentic & classical Therapeutic Yoga, Reiki, holistic nutrition,corporate wellness and other holistic healing services for all ages to enhance harmony, health and happiness!

GYHC with HQ in Austin, TX and several locations in NJ is offering Therapeutic Yoga Teachers' Training Program for 200/500-hours. After 16 years serving the community in NJ, Coach P/M passed the batton to up and coming & trained@GYHC Yoga professionals. As a result, In 2013 GYHC licensed the location to Lori Arrechea of Ezential Wellness.

Currently, Bridgewater (Ezential Wellness) hosts GYHC's Therapeutic Yoga Teachers' Training Program. Please contact Lori Arrechea at (908) 526 0002 for further inquiries. Coach P/M visit NJ regularly to conduct special classes/workshops that benefit the community.

Anyone or any facility that would like to host GYHC's flagship Training, please contact Coach P/M. 

We look forward to serving you with Authentic Therapeutic Yoga, Reiki and Holistic Nutrition.

You may reach Coach P/M at (512) 355 7170 or gurukul@gurukulyoga.com.

w gratitude and healing,


There are no special events available to show.