Journey is the correct word to describe Life! Gurukul Yoga Holistic Center's journey traces back to Founders' journey in 80s through their authentic training in Yoga from renouned institutions and teachers.

Here are few milestones on this beautiful journey of healing...

  • 1991 - Prashant and Manju (Coach P &M) got married - started sharing their learnings within Indo-Caribbean community in NYC; Initiated Hindi-Mitra Program
  • 1992-96 - 1:1 learning with MASTER Coach - Dr. M.N. Rao - resident Yoga teacher - Arsha-Vidya Gurukulam, founder of Lotus Yoga/Wellness Center, CA
  • Prashant-Manju teaching at Queens College, Community Health/Fitness Centers, Continuing Education Programs, Community forums
  • 1997: Moved to Bridgewater, NJ in spacious property within Watchung Mountain region with a vision of Authentic TEACHING the OLD FASHIONED way - from home  GURUKUL (Teachers' home)
  • 2000: Gurukul, LLC was founded to formalize the teaching as a Woman-owned institution with a vision to SIMPLIFY and DeMYSTIFY LifeManagement.
  • 2006: Gurukul Yoga Holistic Center (GYHC) was founded at 1300 Prince Rodgers Ave serving the community; partnering with Bridgewater Township Recreation programs
  • 2007: Yoga on the Tennis Courts - Courtside Racquet Club and GYHC partnership to teach Dogpounders (Juniors) the importance of Yoga to prevent injuries, increase stamina, performance, etc.
  • 2008: Inducted in Mayors' Wellness Campaign
  • 2009: Teachers' Training Program (TTP) was formed with a first batch of 10 Yoga Teachers
  • 2010: Partnership with Bridgewater School District, Training of all Physical Education Teachers/Nurses
  • 2011: International Wellness Pro Award
  • 2013: Lori Arrechea - First LICENSEE of GYHC; Coach P&M moved to Austin, TX
  • 2014: First Online Training of 14 Yoga Teachers both in NJ and Austin, TX
  • 2015: Invited Speaker for IAYT SYTAR and YA Online workshop series
  • 2015: GYHC Alliance Formed with annual and lifetime friendship program
  • 2016: Celebrating 10th Anniversary of GYHC having served over 30,000 globally
  • 2016: New Initiative: Food Yogini: Billions Yet To Be Fed... A Holistic Foods and Goods Portal for Education, Consulting, and Marketplace
  • 2016: IAYT Accreditation Process initiated for TTP 800-level program
  • 2016: Coach P & M part of Core Team of official International Day of Yoga celebrations in Austin, TX
  • 2016: Coach P was nominated and selected as a Education Committee member of Yoga Alliance; invited to YACEP
  • 2017: Coach P & M were approved as Certified Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT) based on 2000+ hours of Yoga Therapy
  • 2017: Coach P & M moderated a Panel Discussion for Yoga Alliance Online Workshop Series
  • Journey continues... for next 10+ years