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by Gurukul Yoga Holistic Center (GYHC) on May 03, 2013

Happy 7th Anniversary - GYHC - New phase begins...

Dear Friends,

May 1st is 7th anniversary for GYHC serving the community at 1300 Prince Rodgers Ave. Thank you for your support and friendship which has made it possible for GYHC to keep the lights on for all these years. It has been a joy and privilege serving you all with authentic Yoga and Holistic services at affordable tuition.

It is now a new phase in the life of GYHC -- GYHC at 1300 Prince Rodgers Ave is being licensed to Lori Arrechea who will own/operate GYHC. We want to take the back seat and have new energy flow into the center running the GYHC programs and adding their own to serve the community. Please find Lori's Bio in OUR PEOPLE section.

GYHC remains committed to promoting Yoga as an authentic Therapy and healing science of living for all ages. Teacher/Therapist Training is in its 4th year with over 30 Teachers/Therapists graduated. 

Again - thank you for your support and look forward to your support to Lori and Team to take GYHC to new heights.

Warmly, Coach P and Coach M