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by Gurukul Yoga Holistic Center (GYHC) on April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day! Let us clean up environment inside and out!

Dear Friends,

Namaste! Today - April 22nd is Earth Day! Like Mother's day and Father's day, hope this is not just another day to have a token of our love for the mother Earth... Let every day become an Earth day... It seems first Earth Day was observed on April 22nd 1970. That was the time when American society was at the cross-roads with War, Hippie movement, and spirituality.

As society gets saturated with material abundance, one feels the need for renunciation, cleansing and purification. Our body-mind has a natural need that every day a Purge, cleansing and purification happens. Over stimulation of any of our senses creates saturation and malfunctioning  resulting in DIS-EASE... Well, there is a Time-tested recipe to listen to Body's need for cleansing and purification - inside and out!

So on this Earth-day, let us renew our Yoga practice to cleanse and purify the body and the mind.

This would help create better awareness of what is being dumped inside and outside. A is for Aware in Yoga Alphabet. Awareness will create the right action not to litter the environment with unwanted Toxins and impurities. As we clean up the environment inside and out, our resistance to DIS-EASE improves and quality of life improves.

So let us take a pledge that we shall clean our environment inside and out to create a better quality of life for ourselves and other friends on this Planet Earth! a Journey of thousand miles starts with the first step! Right intent and right action will surely give you right results!

Happy Earth Day!
GYHC family...