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by Gurukul Yoga Holistic Center (GYHC) on July 08, 2011

Re-affirmation of the Power of Yoga - practice, practice, practice...

Summer is here! great time to chill out - slowing down to re-charge our batteries before school year kicks in when kids, adults have a very busy life with endless deadlines!

As GYHC has entered its sixth year serving the community, it has given us a re-affirmation of the vision and mission with which this work started.

Why practice Yoga? Why come to GYHC and practice Yoga? These are the questions people have and people who are yet to take that step to enter the doors of GYHC!

Recently one of our friends (everyone who comes to GYHC is a friend) stopped by before the class and shared her testimonial... She is 65+ and has been coming to GYHC for the past 2+ years with twice/week frequency. She went for a bone-density test since she had done her baseline testing few years back. To Doctor's surprise, it went up! She is an active lady but major change in her life over the past couple of years was the Yoga practice@GYHC...SHe was delighted and we are too. It is a re-affirmation that keep it simple, keep it consistent and practice, practice, practice!

So, before you give up saying I am xx (fill in the number - 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80...) and now it is all DOWNHILL... stop, take a deep breath and smile.... There is definitely hope - it is all about RIGHT practice... consistent practice... from Depression to Diabetese, from Ostheoporosis to Arthritis, from Allergies to Asthma and many other minor and major diseases, yes we can  prevent and reverse disease - one breath at a time!

Enjoy the summer, chill out and hope to see you soon at GYHC!

in friendship and service, GYHC family...